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Moving home is both expensive and stressful and can take an extended period of time. It is also usual that you will wish to alter or improve any new property to suit your personal requirements and taste.

So, don't move, improve. This is a very cost effective way of achieving the home you need or wish for without the extra expense.
Consider that the cost of "Stamp Duty" on its own could pay for a considerable improvement.
You may want to add to your home just to get more space – or improve what you have already have.
Apart from major extensions – such as Bathrooms and Kitchens, which of course meet the essential living requirements, think about what you already have and improve that valuable space, such as that existing roof void or garage space.

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1. Loft Conversion
With a Loft Conversion you can use that otherwise redundant loft space which can be an excellent way of adding a room, or rooms, and value to your home.
Gain that extra bedroom,bathroom and or home office space.

2. Garage Conversions
Most garages today are a dumping ground for bikes and the like, and often represent a massive wasted space. Garage Conversions add value to your home as well as precious space to your existing living area.

3. Conservatory or Orangery
Alternatively a Conservatory or Orangery could be the answer to add more space to your home for day to day living, as a dining and entertaining area or just somewhere to sit and look out onto the garden.

4. Double Glazing
A majority of home’s already have Double Glazing – if you haven’t it is definitely the way forward in improving your home and saving money on fuel bills. It is certainly energy saving – it keeps ‘heat in’ and ‘noise out’ and a majority of replacement windows are maintenance free.
If you are carrying out any of the above Loft Conversion, Garage Conversion, Conservatory or Orangery this is the time to consider replacing all the windows of your property.

5. Central Heating
Internal improvements such as an efficient Central Heating system could save money on fuel bills over several years. If your existing system is showing signs of wear and tear a possible expensive repair could be near.
If you are carrying out any of the above Loft Conversion, Garage Conversion, Conservatory or Orangery your existing heating system will normally be extended to the new area, this is the time to consider replacing the boiler with a modern high efficiency model.

6. Garden Landscaping
Your garden is just as important as the interior of your home. With Garden Landscaping your garden can add more value to your home as well as providing a well earned place to spend recreation and leisure time.

Larger improvement projects of course require statutory approval such as Planning Permission, Building Regulation Approval(s) and input from a professional. It’s not as daunting as it first may seem – so make sure you are advised correctly the first time.

It is important that all works are completed within a pre-determined time period and to budget, and of course meet the requirements of the client.

Easy to say you think - but construction works can easily escalate (in the form of costs) out of all proportion, unless there is a proper management system in place. A method statement, linked to a programme of work and a cost plan, lessens the client’s risk of programme extensions and overspend.

Regional Surveying Services Ltd will provide initial Planning Advice on all extensions and alterations (free of charge) to all domestic clients at this stage.
See our contact page and get it right!

Regional Surveying Services Ltd is able to provide all these Professional Services.

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