Dispute Resolution/Expert Witness

Unfortunately, there is seldom a winner when it comes to dispute resolution. Both the parties pay either in time or money (that could, in hindsight, be better spent elsewhere) but their pride doesn’t let them, and they probably end up going down the Adjudication or possible Litigation routes to solve their differences. That said, Regional Surveying Services Ltd promote ‘Damage Limitation’ in the form of ‘Mediation’ as an ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’.

It should be entered into the contract at commencement (within the dispute clause) that this is the chosen method to solve a dispute.

Mediation is quicker less stressful and cheaper than going to court, and can usually be completed within 28 days – the outcome can often include an apology or something a court could not order - and not the months and possibly years the alternatives can take.

If both parties agree – Regional Surveying Services Ltd can quite easily provide a schedule – that will narrow all the issues between the parties and therefore reduce a majority of costs.

Regional Surveying Services Ltd is able to provide this Professional Service.

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